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Vol 27, No 4B December 2017


Allan Beever

Rights-Threats, Wrongs and Injustices: The Common Law's Causes of Action
Stephen A Smith

Another Misstep in Negligence and Illegality
Sharon Erbacher

New Variations on the Rule Against Penalties: Options for New Zealand
Sam Cathro and Simon Connell

Engagement, Criticism and the Academic Lawyer
Allan Beever

Relevance and Probative Value
Bernard Robertson

"Have You Seen Dignity?": The Story of the Development of Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Michael L Perlin

NZME/Fairfax: Did the Commerce Commission Knock the Stuffing out of the Public Benefit Test?
An Hertogen

The Rise and Fall (?) of two Charities Commissions: How Common Law Countries can Learn from the Experiences in New Zealand and Australia
Fiona Martin, Susan Barker, Marina Nehme and Elen Seymour

The Problem of "Adverse Selection" in the (Proposed) Regulation of Financial Advice in New Zealand
Matteo Solinas


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Vol 27, No 4A December 2017


A Call to Maintain and Evolve the Third Source of Authority for Government Action
BV Harris

Citizenship as Humanitarian Relief: The Case of Roland Kun
Claudia Geiringer

Constitutional Dialogue: The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act and the Noble Dream
Léonid Sirota

Socio-Economic Rights in Constitution Aotearoa New Zealand
Josh Pemberton

The Development of Property Rights Over Cadaveric Tissues and Organs: Legal Obstructions to the Procurement of Organs in an "Opt-out" System of Organ Donation in Australia and New Zealand
Neera Bhatia and James Tibballs

Freeing the Land Beyond the Shadow of the Law: 20 Years of the Crown Pastoral Land Act
Ann Brower and John Page

Reflections on the Contributions of Lawyers to Tax Policymaking in New Zealand
Adrian Sawyer


The Principle of Legality in Australia and New Zealand

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